I am so thankful to have discovered Jannah's services. As a recently retired teacher, I had stuff...a LOT of stuff. I was emotional and overwhelmed when Jannah came to my rescue. We talked about my goal for the 3 hour session and decided to work methodically. Happily we were able to sort through each pile and, in one morning, I had 4 bins of recycling, 3 bins of give-aways and a bag of garbage. Jannah was reassuring and was able to re-focus my energy whenever I lost sight of the goal. I feel relieved and lighter after making room for my next journey. What a way to start the exciting next chapter of my life!

Signed a very grateful,


Before & After...


I recently had the distinct pleasure of having Jannah come into my crazy household and guide me through the organization process. The manner in which she took charge and worked quickly, in a focussed and organized manner, made the process feel almost easy. Working diligently, Jannah was able to read my levels of angst. She made a point of doing check-ins to talk to me about the process and the feelings regarding letting items go. I felt safe and secure and was pushed gently to the edge of my comfort zone, with tons of support. The outcome was a wonderfully clean, organized and tidy main floor living area. I felt instant growth in my ability to maintain the environment based on Jannah’s teachings and tips in moving forward. The outcome was a light and airy feeling, throughout my home. I would highly recommend Jannah and her business to every single person!